Can You Change Your PS5's Theme?

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The PS5 is now released in most parts of the world.

The long-awaited console has seen an excellent release, especially with all of the launch titles players have to check out. 


There is a lot to take in with the new console, including the revamped interface. 

One aspect that players love when it comes to their console is the levels of customization you have.

Players have wondered since the console released if you can change the overall theme of the console.

Here's the answer! 




As of writing, there is no current way to change the stock theme of your console.

So for now you are stuck with the default theme of your PS5.


This appears to be an odd decision by Sony, as in previous iterations of the console you were able to fully customize it.

We can only assume this feature will come later down the line.

Or, Sony has deterred away from this and we will not see this option implemented.

In the meantime, there are plenty of other ways you can get equipped with your shiny new console.


We have covered an array of guides for new users of Sony's hardware. 

One that we recommend is checking out our 'How To Connect Your PS5 To PSN'.

As this will be one of the most important features of your console if you plan on playing online!