How To Connect Your PS5 To PSN And Get Online

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With a new console generation on the horizon, you'd be right in hunting down every scrap of information on the Playstation 5.

Luckily, tis the season for rumors, leaks, and hints. 


Now, we are within the storm that is the next-generation console release week.

The Series X/S has already hit shelves, so it is now Sony's time to shine. 

In the leadup to the PS5's release, there is a lot of tips and tricks you need to know regarding the new console.

One of these is connecting the console to PSN, which is Sony's online service.

Here's how to do so. 



In the leadup to the release of the PS5, Sony has been posted a flurry of FAQs. 


One of these includes some basic tips for using the PS5.

This is where they have noted how to connect the console to PSN.

You can check this blog post out here, but below is the steps Sony has noted: 

Once your system software is up to date, you will be prompted to sign in to PlayStation Network. You can use your existing account details to sign in or create a new account. If you have the PlayStation App downloaded and set up, you can sign in with your phone.

In order to do this, you are going to need to connect your PS5 to the internet, which we have covered here, or below are the steps for this process/ 

  • Go to Settings > Network > Settings > Set up Internet Connection. 
  • Select your connection type and enter the network security information.

Enjoy your brand new shiny PS5, and be sure to let us know what launch titles you are checking out this weekend!



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