Ghostwire Tokyo: Everything We Know So Far

Tango Gameworks is releasing a new first-person horror, Ghostwire: Tokyo. A gameplay trailer was showcased at the PS5 reveal event yesterday and have got many, like us, interested.

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The studio is being led by Shinji Mikami who directed the first instalment of Resident Evil and created The Evil Within series. He describes the game to be eerie but stylish - we've gathered as much information as we can, so you can get yourself informed.

Latest News


Delayed to 2022 - July 13

Ghostwire Tokyo has been delayed to 2022, Tango Gameworks has confirmed in a statement on Twitter.

What Is Ghostwire: Tokyo?

It takes place in an apocalyptic event. There’s isn't currently a huge amount of information on the game but a teaser and a gameplay trailer have been released (see below).

Bethesda stated, “Tokyo is overrun by deadly supernatural forces after 99% of the city’s population vanished.” From the looks of things the main character is the hero of this story and you as the player must fight against paranormal entities and cleanse the city of evil.

Release Date

GhostWire: Tokyo is currently launching in October 2021 on PS5 and PC. As for Xbox Series X|S, a Q4 2022 release date is planned.


Ghostwire Tokyo DualSense Function

Tango Gameworks said that aside from using haptics and adaptive triggers during combat, "otherwordly voices" will come through the DualSense speakers and help you perceive things through a sixth sense. It will reportedly be vital for solving Tokyo's mysteries.

As per GhostWire: Tokyo's official PlayStation store page, conventional weapons and supernatural powers will utilise these features. There's also 3D Audio.


In the release trailer, we see civilians going about their daily lives, crossing the busy Tokyo streets, getting the train, something to eat. Then suddenly they vanish, leaving only their clothes behind. Ghostly and paranormal beings appear in the streets and start tormenting the few people left.

That's when we see the character the player will control. A masked man, with no real clues as to who he is apart from his supernatural powers.


Sony's PS5 reveal event premiered a gameplay trailer. We got a preview to what enemies look like, showing a diverse amount of them. GhostWire: Tokyo's combat system was also shown.

As for the technical details, GhostWire: Tokyo's official PlayStation store page advised it'll feature ray tracing and HDR, offering better lighting and vibrant visuals. Thanks to the PS5's SSD, that page also confirms we can travel through Tokyo without load times.