FIFA 21: How The PS5 Controller Can Change Gameplay In EA's Next-Generation Sports Game

The PS5's brand new controller has finally been revealed and it boasts some key features to help shift the momentum Microsoft has built up in the PS5 vs Xbox Series X battle.

With FIFA 21 set to be the first game in the franchise on the next generation of consoles, Sony's new pad could be a gamer changer for players.

So how can the new DualSense controller change gameplay?

Haptic Feedback - Dribbling And Ball Control Adaptation

With the introduction of Haptic Feedback, which adds a variety of powerful sensations, you'll feel more when playing the game.

This can extend to a multitude of major and minor differences. One of the more potentially important aspects could be when a player is dribbling or controlling the ball.

The Haptic Feedback can indicate when a player is losing balance or struggling to control the ball, allowing users to learn and adapt their gameplay in a completely new way.

By learning what an individual player can and can't do in FIFA 21, it will give them more insight than ever before into their Ultimate Team.

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Adaptive Triggers - Acceleration And Sprint Speed Feedback

While on the topic of feedback, the adaptive triggers can play a small but vital role in the adaption of gameplay; Adaptive Triggers will allow you to truly feel the tension of your actions.

Most players will use the R2 trigger as their sprint button, if you've played enough FIFA you'll understand how vital pace is to Ultimate Team and the wider FIFA game.

By being able to feel the tension of a player's sprint, when activating these adaptive triggers, you should be able to get a better gauge on a player's acceleration and sprint speed.

Why is this important? Users can get a better sense of their player's capabilities and whether they need to adopt a different style.

You can also gain vital information much faster when in a foot-race as to whether you should to give up on a loose ball or carry on.

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Built-In Microphone - Change Tactics On Demand

In recent FIFA games, the D-Pad has been utilised much more effectively for changing tactics on the fly, but one sense that is rarely utilised in gameplay is speech (other than to communicate with other players).

Being able to use the built-in microphone could give players the opportunity to change tactics and execute commands without needing to move their thumbs from the sticks or removing their fingers from key buttons.

When defending an attack in the 90th minute, being able to focus your fingers on the gameplay rather than the tactics is so much more crucial and can be the difference between victory and defeat; not to mention how slow it can be to manually input.

Allowing players the freedom to quickly speak to their controller and change their tactics can bring in a whole new dynamic for high-level FIFA gameplay; while giving aspiring tacticians a chance to shine.

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Create Button - Improved Content Distribution

Finally, the share button has been given an upgrade and is now called the "Create Button".

While details are scarce at the moment, Sony has promised that it will once again pioneer the way players create epic gameplay and share it with the world.

It would be ambitious to assume that it is much more different, but to make a big deal of it could indicate the ability to apply some basic editing techniques to videos or photos such as splicing, colour grading, titles and even music. This would make the ability to make FIFA montages, highlights and compilations that much easier.

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