FIFA 21 Ultimate Team: Features And Changes We Want To See In FUT 21 - Custom Tactics Rework, Tournaments, 2v2 Mode, Improved Rewards And More

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As the hype and interest around FIFA 21 starts to escalate, there's a lot about FIFA 20's Ultimate Team that we feel could be improved upon - let's face it, no game is perfect.

Everyone will have their say about what should stay, what should go and what needs to be added in FUT 21.


Here's what I want to see in FIFA 21.

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Upgradeable Players

FIFA 20 saw the introduction of new FUT items to the game, which you could improve by completing set objectives in the game.

The likes of Daniel James became viable first-team options if you were prepared to put in the time and effort.

In FIFA 21 the ability to increase a base players stats through objectives and challenges would be a good way for players, who love the grind, to obtain competitive players for their squads; without breaking the bank.

Want to improve Jordan Henderson's pace? Hit these objectives with that player. This would give a 'career' feel to a game mode which could use an injection of energy.



Removal of Chemistry Styles

Chemistry styles are game-breakers in my opinion. The ability to add 10/15 pace statistics to a player, with the simple addition of a shadow chemistry style, means that those rapid players you've invested in for their speed, have become a waste.

Mbappe should feel quick in this game, but him being hounded down by a supercharged Sead Kolasinac makes the item less valuable - it's not really a true reflection of real life.

fifa 21 gameplay

Custom Tactic Rework

As the years have progressed, the custom tactic menu has become a more developed tool that has allowed players to mimic styles of football seen across the world.


In principle, this is a great idea that gives players the freedom to set up teams to how they want to play.

However, in reality, it has opened the game up to incredibly defensive tactics which makes gameplay stale.

For the budding Sam Allardyce, this might be the closest you will get to leading the infamous Bolton team of yesteryears.

However, FIFA is a video game series based on customer enjoyment and entertainment. That means goals.

Simplifying the custom tactics and removing the 'drop back' and extreme depth commands will go some way to making goal scoring the first port of call once again instead of recreating Hull vs West Brom.

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Return of Tournaments

Tournaments were fun. They were relaxed. It was a way to play in a semi-competitive environment during the week, with rewards for picking up the trophy.

FIFA 20 lacked a 'during the week' game mode for the more competitive player and the return of tournaments give players a place to play.

fifa 21 ultimate team gameplay

2v2 Ultimate Team Mode

In the past few years, 2v2 FIFA has provided some of the most entertaining competitive moments and would add a totally new dynamic to the FIFA franchise.

You can play with a friend in draft and CO-OP, but let's extend this ability to Ultimate team too - so you can blame a friend for not passing when you have an open goal.


Combine players from your squads to create a super team, grind through divisions together and take all of the glory for that last-minute screamer (after your teammate missed their tackle for your opponent's equaliser).

This will create a totally new and exciting way for players and teams to compete against each other - it will also give me a way of telling my friends that I am better than them and the only reason that we are winning is because of me.


Improved Weekend League Rewards

High finishes in one of the most punishing game modes Fifa has to offer MUST be rewarded better.

Previously top 100 players would be guaranteed an icon each month, but now it is a lottery and the prize is Sergio Busquets staring a hole through you, after a successful and career-defining 30-0 finish.

Rewards should be tiered to guarantee a certain rating, dependant upon your success throughout the weekend.


A 23 win weekend should guarantee an 87+ TOTW red pick and a 30-0 should guarantee one of the highest rewards available.

We've all been through the highs and low of a weekend league, so knowing that the effort put in will be rewarded should be something all players can look forward to.