Call of Duty Mobile Season 4 Wild Dogs: Everything We Know

Although Season 3 of COD Mobile is in its early stages, some players are already turning their attention to the next season of post-launch content. The launch of Radical Raid introduced a range of 80s-themed cosmetic items in addition to the Miami Strike map and MAC-10 submachine gun.

As players continue working their way through the brand-new Battle Pass, Season 4 is likely to contain another wave of new additions to the weapon arsenal, new battlegrounds to conquer, and even more unlockables.

With teasers for the new season already appearing, here's everything there is to know about Season 4 of COD Mobile.

COD Mobile Season 4
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COD Mobile Season 4 Release Date

Thanks to the current Battle Pass, we have a rough estimate of when the new season begins. According to the in-game countdown, the Battle Pass comes to an end on April 28 meaning the start of Season 4 will follow.

COD Mobile Season 4 Trailer

The first trailer for Season 4 arrived on April 17 and showcased a few images showing the Satellite map from Black Ops Cold War. Check out the short teaser trailer below:

COD Mobile Season 4 Maps

Thanks to the Test Server, players believe Satellite from Black Ops Cold War will be the next map to arrive in COD Mobile. Alongside Satellite, eagle-eyed players have found a teaser highlighting a small section of Khandor Hideout, a map from 2019's Modern Warfare.

Khandor Hideout COD Mobile Season 4
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COD Mobile Season 4 Guns and Weapons

So far, one teaser is pointing towards the arrival of the Koshka sniper rifle from Black Ops 4. Known for its impressive mobility, the Koshka could prove a popular choice on Satellite and Khandor Hideout.

COD Mobile Season 4 Battle Pass

Ahead of Season 4 starting, Activision has shared details on all the items included in the Wild Dogs Battle Pass. Ranging from cosmetics for Battle Royale to a range of Epic Weapons, there's plenty to earn throughout the season.

COD Mobile Season 4 Wild Dogs Battle Pass
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That's all the intel on Season 4 of COD Mobile for now! Once we hear more information, we will update the article with all the latest news, leaks, and rumours surrounding the upcoming season.

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