Call of Duty Mobile Season 3: Everything We Know

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Season 2 of COD Mobile is well underway with regular updates adding brand-new weapons and maps into the game on a regular basis. The current season of content saw the appearance of the JAK-12 shotgun and the Hardhat map from Modern Warfare.

Although there's plenty of content, players are already turning their attention towards the launch of Season 3. Just like past updates, new guns, maps, and more are expected to arrive.

With a variety of new content on the horizon, find all there is to know about the upcoming COD Mobile Season in this article.

COD Mobile Season 3 2022 Release Date
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Latest News

March 24, 2022: Snoop Dogg Operator

To the surprise of many, rapper Snoop Dogg is coming to COD Mobile in Season 3. The rapper will arrive to the game on April 1 which means his Operator Skin will be available before the start of Season 3.

March 18, 2022: Reactor Core Operator Skill

Season 3of COD Mobile will see the arrival of the Reactor Core Operator Skill.

Players can launch a damaging radiation field that reduces maximum health and stops health regeneration for a short time. Those that use the Skill earn a defence buff to reduce any incoming damage.

COD Mobile Season 3 Release Date

Season 3 launched on March 30, 2022 at 5PM PT. The Radical Raid update appeared immediately after the Season 2 Battle Pass came to an end.

COD Mobile Season 3 Maps
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COD Mobile Season 3 Maps

Thanks to the latest Test Server, players have discovered Satellite from Black Ops Cold War within the game suggesting the map will arrive in Season 3. In addition to Satellite, the COD Mobile Twitter account has teased the arrival of Miami with a short clip of the main hotel building.

Black Ops Cold War features two variations of Miami, one of them being a smaller version that's likely to suit mobile better than the larger map.

COD Mobile Season 3 Battle Pass Rewards

As with the start of any new season, players can get their hands on an all-new Battle Pass packed with a wealth of new content. Here's some of the content that will feature:

  • 5 Epic Weapons
    - Kilo 141: Hair Metal
    - DL Q33: Space Captain
    - R9-0: Far Frontier
    - HBRA3: Jaguar 3000
    - Mac-10: Banana Blaster
  • 4 Epic Operators
    - Killgore
    - Park: Glam
    - Gunzo Clownpin
    - American Bulldog Chrome Dome
  • New Weapon: Mac-10
  • Epic Backpack: 6 String Axe
  • Operator Skill: Reactor Core
  • Rock N' Roll Lifestyle Emote
  • Banana Weapon Charm
  • Retro Mech Calling Card
  • Epic Avatar: 141 Clown. St
  • Epic Frame: Glam Frame

COD Mobile Season 3 Guns and Weapons

The chances of new guns and weapons appearing in the arsenal is extremely likely. So far, teasers for the MAC-10 submachine gun from Black Ops Cold War have appeared while the Test Server currently hints at the arrival of the Koshka sniper rifle.

Alongside the MAC-10 and Koshka, Modern Warfare's Kali Sticks are slated to arrive to spice up the close-quarters metagame.

COD Mobile Ground War Mode

The Test Server often contains a wealth of information surrounding the next season. In addition to the new maps and guns, the build also contains clues pointing towards the launch of Ground War.


The mode sees teams of 12 facing off on larger maps alongside access to tanks, motorbikes, and assault vehicles to navigate the battlefield. As always, take leaks and rumours with a pinch of salt until official confirmation appears.

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