Call of Duty Mobile Season 3 Update Patch Notes

After weeks of teasers, the Season 3 update for Call of Duty Mobile is live. Known as Radical Raid, the latest season takes players into a 1980s theme with various cosmetic items and maps from Black Ops Cold War making their debut.

In addition to the new content, developers have made a number of changes to numerous weapons and Scorestreaks to ensure some kind of balance is maintained.

With that said, find all of the changes made to COD Mobile in the Season 3 update patch notes.

COD Mobile Season 3 Patch Notes
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COD Mobile Season 3 Patch Notes

Perhaps the most notable change to Season 3 of COD Mobile is the addition of a damage multiplier for chest and upper arms for the HVK-30, giving players more opportunities to deal damage to their intended target. Check out the full list of changes below.

Call of Duty Mobile Season 3 Patch Notes



  • Added a damage multiplier for the chest and upper arms.
  • Improved range.
    - Large Calibre: Adjusted damage & adjusted range.


  • Base damage improved: 26-24-20-19 > 30-28-24
  • Range improved.
  • Headshot multiplier increased.


  • Headshot, upper arm, and hand damage multiplier increased.
  • ADS Time reduced.
  • Accuracy improved.

Peacekeeper MK2

  • First damage range increased.
  • Chest and upper arm damage multiplier increased.


  • Vertical recoil reduced.
  • Leg damage multiplier increased.


  • Damage to hands and abdomen reduced.


  • Reduced the slowing down effect of the FRAG 12 rounds when paired with Disabled perk.

Kilo 141

  • 40-R mag penalties
    -1% movement speed > -2% movement speed
    +5% reload time > + 12% reload time.
  • 50-R mag penalties
    -2% movement speed > -5% movement speed.
    +5% reload time > +18% reload time.


  • Range decreased.
  • Hit registration delay increased.


Chopper Gunner

  • Range and damage increased.

Orbital Laser

  • Duration decreased.
  • Maximum movement range decreased.

K9 Unit

  • Health and speed decreased.

Alongside the latest wave of weapon balancing, the Chopper Gunner, Orbital Laser, and K9 Unit have also received a number of changes. With the performance of several popular guns and Streaks changing, it's going to be interesting to see how it impacts the current metagame as the season progresses.

COD Mobile Season 3 Weapons

The newest weapon to arrive in Season 3 of COD Mobile is the MAC-10. First appearing in Black Ops Cold War, this compact submachine gun (SMG) packs a deadly punch thanks to its incredible rate of fire.

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