Clash of Clans Update - December 2021 Winter Patch Notes

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Looking for the latest Clash of Clans update? The mobile strategy game only gets seasonal updates nowadays, amounting to a few per year, but they usually bring a hefty dose of content to the hit game. This might be new units, balance changes, upgrade levels for buildings, or all sorts of other minor tweaks.

This time it's the Clash of Clans winter update, and Supercell hasn't disappointed. We have two brand-new units to try out, cost cuts, and even some more upgrade levels to keep our towns going and tide us over till the next update in 2022. In this Clash of Clans update guide, we'll summarise the recent additions and list out the official patch notes for what's changed in the game.


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The new siege engine and super dragon unit from the Clash of Clans winter update.

Clash of Clans Update: Winter 2021

The Clash of Clans winter update for 2021 brings a new super troop and siege machine, as well as extra upgrade levels for siege workshops, collector buildings, and walls. There are also tweaks to star bonus challenges, and some overall balancing tweaks. There are also hefty cost cuts to a variety of units, and you can see part one and part two of the full list on the official Reddit. The following info and tables are sourced from the official patch notes for the winter update.

Winter Update Official Patch Notes

New Super Troop: Super Dragon

Look up in the sky! It's a bird, it’s a wait, why is it angry looking? Why is it engulfed in eldritch flame? Oh no, it’s taking a deep breath.


Introducing a brand-new Super Troop: Super Dragon.

Dragon has been a staple of Clash of Clans for nearly a decade. One of the best spam Troops for lower Town Hall levels and can still be found in many Clan Castles as a War donation. As an air Troop, Dragon avoids all the ugliness from Mortars and Cannons, and from Dragon’s lofty position in the sky, he’ll breathe metal-melting blasts of flame on his foes.

So what could Super Dragon possibly offer that Dragon, Baby Dragon, Inferno Dragon, Electro Dragon, Dragon Rider, or any other Draconid can’t already do? Super Dragon is the supreme Roast Master.

Though being a winged whirlwind of flame does make it hard for him to give good hugs.

  • Favourite target: Any
  • Damage type: Area Splash
  • Targets: Ground & Air
  • Housing space: 40
  • Movement speed: 14
  • Super Troop Cost: 25K Dark Elixir
  • Training time: 6 mins
Level DPS Max DPS Training Cost TH Level
73816,20044k Elixir12
84146,60048k Elixir13
94487,00052k Elixir14

New Siege Machine: Flame Flinger

The Flame Flinger is a deadly contraption barely held together by spite and willpower. This little-understood wonder of siege engineering contains a payload of incendiary Fire Spirits that are flung over enemy defences, leaving fiery destruction and mass mayhem in their wake. Although this ranged rover gives you the advantage of delivering damage from afar, it can’t take as much damage as other Siege Machines.

  • Favourite target: Defenses
  • Damage type: Area splash
  • Targets: Ground
  • Housing space: 1
  • Movement speed: 6
  • Training cost: 100,000 Gold
  • Training time: 20 mins
Level DPS Max DPS HP Lifetime

New Level: Siege Workshop

We’ve added a couple of new levels to a few buildings in this update, and released more Walls to be upgraded.

Level TH Required Upgrade Cost Upgrade Time HP Siege Capacity
61417.5M Elixir18d1,5003

New Collector Levels

Building Level Upgrade Cost Upgrade Time HP Capacity Production Rate
Gold Mine151.2M Elixir6d1,280350K Gold6300/hr
Elixir Collector151.2M Gold6d1,280350K Elixir6300/hr
Dark Elixir Collector94M Elixir7d1,4803,600 DE160/hr



All remaining Wall segments at TH14 can now be upgraded to level 15, for a total of 325 level 15 Wall segments.

Star Bonus Changes

We’re also changing the amount of loot gained from Star Bonuses. All leagues will see an increase in the amount of loot you earn when you complete your daily Star Bonus. Check out yet another table with the new rewards.

League Gold Elixir Dark Elixir
Bronze 3100,000100,000250
Bronze 2150,000150,000500
Bronze 1200,000200,000750
Silver 3250,000250,0001000
Silver 2300,000300,0001250
Silver 1350,000350,0001500
Gold 3400,000400,0001750
Gold 2450,000450,0002000
Gold 1500,000500,0002250
Crystal 3550,000550,0002500
Crystal 2600,000600,0002750
Crystal 1650,000650,0003000
Master 3700,000700,0003250
Master 2750,000750,0003500
Master 1800,000800,0003750
Champion 3850,000850,0004000
Champion 2900,000900,0004250
Champion 1940,000940,0004500
Titan 3980,000980,0004750
Titan 21,020,0001,020,0005000
Titan 11,060,0001,060,0005250

Balance Changes

In this patch, we’ll be introducing a few balance changes in the form of HP and DPS increases for several Troops. For the full list, please review the following tables.

Note: Blank entries on the table means no changes were made.

Troop Level Old HP New HP TH Level
Hog Rider33603708
Troop Level Old HP New HP Old DPS New DPS TH Level
Troop Level Old DPS New DPS TH Level
Troop Level Old HP New HP Old Heal New Heal TH Level

And that's the Clash of Clans update for winter 2021. As always, you can find the full patch notes over on the official site's blog. If you're looking for more Clash-related content, why not take a look at our Clash Royale decks list or our Clash Mini decks list? We also previewed Boom Beach: Frontlines, an upcoming take on Supercell's beach-based shooting IP, just a little while back.