Why Are Warzone Players Looking For Free COD Points?

There are very few ways for players to obtain COD Points, the in-game currency used to buy everything from weapon blueprints, Operator bundles, and the Battle Pass that releases at the beginning of each season.

Players can get their hands on the points by spending real money through the in-game store in order to obtain hundreds, thousands, or even tens of thousands of points and with the higher amounts of money costing plenty of money, Warzone players are beginning to look for an alternative, and less legitimate method, to earn points.

With so many new items arriving in the store on a regular basis, it's no surprise players are beginning to look for less expensive ways to earn points to buy the latest bundles.

We take a closer look at why you should avoid anyone advertising or promoting free COD Points.

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It's A Scam!

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While the thought of acquiring a huge amount of COD Points without paying a single penny sounds very appealing, more often than not any kind of service that generates COD Points for no charge is some kind of scam.

Many players often fall victim to such scams which almost always results in them sharing personal details which can lead to more problematic issues further down the line.

Unfortunately, there are no such things as free COD Points generators so keep your details safe and avoid scams!

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How To Get Free COD Points Legitimately

While using random generators to acquire points, there is one completely legitimate method to earn COD Points without having to fork out.

Once you've purchased the Battle Pass for 1000 COD Points, you can earn 1300 COD Points by working your way through the 100 Tiers of content available.

These points can be earned without the need of spending any additional cash which technically makes them free!

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