What Is The TTK For The CR-56 AMAX In Warzone?

Since the start of Season Two for Warzone, the CR-56 AMAX has become a staple of the ever-changing metagame.

Armed with impressive damage statistics, lethal mid-range accuracy, and limitless customisation options to suit all styles of play, the AMAX is one of the most popular assault rifles to use in the battle royale.

When it comes to creating the ultimate Warzone loadout, equipping a weapon with a fast time-to-kill (TTK) is essential for dealing with any opponents that in the way of you climbing aboard the victory helicopter.

What exactly is the TTK for this powerful rifle?

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CR-56 AMAX Warzone TTK

CR56 AMAX Warzone TTK
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When shooting at a target anywhere from above the waist, the TTK for the AMAX is incredibly fast.

Thanks to its damage profile, the theoretical TTK through full armour is approximately 486 milliseconds up to a distance of over 40 metres, extremely impressive indeed.

Even at a distance where the damage drop-off is in full effect, the TTK still 740 milliseconds, often outshining many other rifles in the category.

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Why Is TTK Important?

Having a weapon armed with the fastest TTK can often be the difference between downing and eliminating opponents in the blink of an eye or being outgunned and sent to the Gulag!

The AMAX is the perfect weapon for scoring plenty of kills, and its TTK is one of the several features that places it as one of the most popular weapons to be using within the battle royale.

Very few weapons have a faster TTK than the AMAX, and with players searching for every possible advantage to gain over their opposition, equipping a rifle with one of the fastest TTKs is a sure-fire way to achieve plenty of kills and victories!

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