Warzone CR-56 AMAX vs GRAU 5.56 – Which Is Better?

Ever since the nerf of the DMR 14 tactical rifle, the metagame for Season 2 of Warzone features a wide variety of weaponry that is capable of performing well on the streets of Verdansk or the close-quarters chaos of Rebirth Island.

Two assault rifles that have proved extremely popular choices are the GRAU 5.56 and the CR-56 AMAX, two evenly-matched rifles synonymous for their incredibly versatile properties alongside low levels of recoil and high damage statistics.

With Season 2 underway and a number of weapons being used to get the upper hand over the opposition, it can be tricky to decide between one or another.

In this case, which is better? The AMAX or the GRAU?

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Warzone CR-56 AMAX

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The CR-56 AMAX is widely considered a hybrid rifle of sorts, featuring a high damage output similar to the AK-47 and a fast rate of fire close to the same levels of an M13.

Its compact nature gives the rifle plenty of mobility, lending itself to suit more aggressive styles of play, and with several attachment combinations to create in the gunsmith, the AMAX can be configured to suit all playstyles.

Warzone GRAU 5.56

Grau v AMAX Warzone
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What sets the GRAU apart from other rifles is its overall mobility, making it perfect when navigating Verdansk and Rebirth Island.

While it may not have the hard-hitting 7.62 rounds of the AMAX, its slightly faster rate of fire often makes the difference in a mid-range duel and the crystal-clear iron sight frees up an attachment slot, enabling further customisation options.

Which Is Better?

After a few games, each assault rifle has their respective strengths and weaknesses. The higher damage output of the AMAX is noticeable in close-quarters action but on occasion, its recoil levels can lead to some shots straying off target. As for the GRAU, its less powerful rounds provide extra control which often makes a difference in an evenly-matched gunfight.

With little to choose from, it’s difficult to determine which of the two is better but after some deliberation, we think that the GRAU is slightly better than the AMAX.

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