Warzone CR-56 AMAX vs Kilo 141 – Which Is Better?

Ever since the nerf of the DMR 14 tactical rifle, the metagame for Season 2 of Warzone features a wide variety of weaponry that is capable of performing well on the streets of Verdansk or the close-quarters chaos of Rebirth Island.

Two assault rifles that have proved extremely popular choices are the Kilo 141 and the CR-56 AMAX, both famed for incredible performance in mid-range combat, minimal damage drop-off, and low levels of recoil.

With Season 2 in full swing, players are still torn between using the AMAX and the Kilo as their main assault rifle of choice.

Which of the two is better?

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Warzone CR-56 AMAX

CR56 AMAX v Kilo 141
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The CR-56 AMAX is widely considered a hybrid rifle of sorts, featuring a high damage output similar to the AK-47 and a fast rate of fire close to the same levels of an M13.

Its compact nature gives the rifle plenty of mobility, lending itself to suit more aggressive styles of play, and with several attachment combinations to create in the gunsmith, the AMAX can be configured to suit all playstyles.

Warzone Kilo 141

Kilo 141 v CR56 AMAX Warzone
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The Kilo 141 has been hovering at the top of the Warzone metagame for several months thanks to its fast fire rate, ease of use, and versatility in a number of in-game scenarios. Like the AMAX, the Kilo can be customised in almost every way imaginable, making it a popular choice for players looking for the perfect all-purpose rifle.

Which Is Best?

After playing several matches with both rifles, the AMAX excelled in several engagements as did the Kilo.

What separated these closely-matched rifles was the powerful damage of the AMAX. It felt like that the time to kill was slightly faster with the AMAX equipped, and when taking down an opponent as quickly as possible is essential to scoring high-kill matches, we came to the conclusion that the AMAX is the better weapon to use, but not by much.

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