What Are The Best Aim Assist Settings For Warzone?

Season 2 Reloaded of Warzone Pacific is officially underway, much to the excitement of the community. With Raven Software adding a wealth of changes to the battle royale, players are on the hunt to gain every possible advantage over the opposition.

Alongside a variety of in-game settings that can be fine-tuned to suit all players, aim assist can also be modified in order to maintain high levels of accuracy when using a controller.

Whether you are new to using a controller on Warzone or a seasoned veteran, some small adjustments to the settings can have a significant impact on your in-game performance which could result in you taking a trip on the victory helicopter!

With the potential to improve your Warzone skills, what exactly are the best aim assist settings to be used in the battle royale?

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Best Warzone Aim Assist Settings

Warzone Best Aim Assist Settings Season 3
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There are a total of four different aim assist settings that can be used in Warzone. A full breakdown of each can be found below.


For controller players, it's strongly recommended that you don't turn off aim assist altogether. As soon as it's deactivated, you will notice a huge difference during a gunfight and due to the lack of aim assist, maintaining high levels of accuracy will be almost impossible.


This setting is used by default and certainly one of the better settings to be used in order to improve levels of accuracy. Standard aim assist slows the aiming reticle when close to a target which causes the crosshairs to drift towards the target, making it somewhat easier to score a kill than without having any kind of assist.


This particular setting is ideal for those that think that Standard aim assist feels a bit too strong. Precision still slows down the reticle when near a target but the drift is far less prevalent.

We recommend using this setting if you're extremely accurate.

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This setting is aimed at players new to using a controller in a first-person shooter game or gaming in general. If you tend to struggle to hit shots on a regular basis, we would recommend switching the aim assist to Focusing.

The reticle slows down a lot more than other settings, giving more of a chance to land the shots which will eventually result in a kill.

Which Is Best?

As with a lot of Warzone settings, it comes down to personal preference. For those that have been playing on a controller for a long period of time, Standard and Precision are the settings we recommend but if you're new to Warzone, think about selecting Focusing to get used to the aim assist.

Whatever you select, don't turn it off completely!

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