Warzone’s Zombies Outbreak Heading To The Bank

Season 2 of Warzone is nearing its halfway stage and the horde of Zombies that made their debut at the beginning of the season are on the move once again.

Having escaped the confines of the Vodianoy ship which crashed on the shores of Verdansk, conquered the prison and the Verdansk Hospital, it appears that the undead are making a U-turn and heading into Downtown for the first time.

Once they arrived at the Hospital, many did wonder why the undead had completely bypassed one of the largest points of interest on the map. Now the undead are on course to taking control of nearly half of the entire map.

Here’s everything we know about the next movements of the undead in Warzone.

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Warzone Zombies Next Location

Although there hasn’t been any kind of teasers revealed regarding the next movements of the Zombies, several content creators have received a mysterious note along with an empty piggy bank.

Warzone Zombies Next Location Downtown Bank
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The note reads: “Acropolis National Bank has been operating as a zombie institution for years, but nobody thought their assets would end up six feet under… Hope you have Diamond Hands, Operator.”

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Where Is The Downtown Bank?


Warzone Zombies Downtown Bank
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The undead are on their way!

The Downtown Bank is close to the City Hall in the middle of the area.

With the undead appearing there in the not-too-distant future, it’s more than likely that the area will be busier than normal as people attempt to eliminate the undead.

There doesn’t appear to be any pattern in regards to how the Zombies are making their way across Verdansk. One thing is for sure, the end of Verdansk is coming and it’s going to be a very explosive ending!

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