All Helicopter Warzone Locations In Season 2

Season 2 of Warzone is in full swing and as tens of millions of players continue to drop into Verdansk, many of them often drop at locations that contain a helicopter.

Whether it's to evade the expanding horde of Zombies or to escape the action, a helicopter is regarded as one of the best vehicles to get your hands on during a match, helicopters make navigating the map extremely easy and can also be used as a very effective weapon in the early stages of a game where several opponents are unable to defend themselves from being flattened by a chopper.

As one of the best vehicles to find on the map thanks to its incredible speed and mobility, there are only nine locations where a helicopter can be obtained.

Find a complete list of all helicopter locations in Warzone below!

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Helicopter Warzone Locations

Thanks to this interactive map, it’s very easy to see where the helicopters are located within the confines of Verdansk.

With two helicopters in Downtown and another slightly west on the roof of the Hospital, competition for these three choppers is extremely high, meaning that there is a high chance you may not be able to jump into the pilot’s chair.

For a better chance of taking control of a helicopter, the Arklov Peak Military Base is an ideal place to land. By the time the plane reaches one of the most northerly points of the map, the majority of players have already dropped out of the plane which will allow you to access the chopper with ease.

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How To Land In A Helicopter

This technique requires a bit of practice but once you’ve mastered it, you will be one of the very first players to land within touching distance of a helicopter.

To do this, disable the ‘Parachute Auto-Deploy’ option to get more control on how close to the ground you can pull the parachute.

Drop out of the plane near your intended location and wait until the very last second before pulling the chute. This will allow you to drop much quicker into the game and with a bit of precision, you can land right next to the helicopter, jump in, and fly away into the sunset.

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