JGOD Reveals How Warzone’s “Broken” Cameras Favour The Aggressor

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Ever since the launch of Call of Duty’s immensely popular battle royale, Warzone, players have always been on the lookout when it comes to finding new ways to get the upper hand over their opposition.

Whether it’s utilising automatic tactical sprint or mounting weapons on various pieces of cover to reduce recoil levels, Warzone features various techniques that provide advantages for players.

Warzone content creator JGOD has revealed that the battle royale has issues with its cameras that almost always favour the aggressor.

By using advanced movement mechanics such as slide-cancelling or sprinting around a corner, players can earn a split-second advantage that can often be the difference between scoring a kill or failing to win the gulag.

But how exactly do the cameras favour the aggressor?

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Warzone Cameras Favour The Aggressor


In his March 21st upload, JGOD takes an in-depth look at a number of factors that can cause Warzone’s cameras to break.

Issues with ping and movement mechanics are cited as the main causes of camera desync. Desync means one player doesn’t see the same picture as the other, and if one of them is flying around a corner at breakneck speed, they’re almost always going to win the gunfight.

JGOD says that “advanced movement, and movement in general, can be your best friend, and it generally favours the aggressor.”

During the video, JGOD shows a clip of UK-based Warzone streamer Jukeyz in action. Even though he is on a much higher ping thanks to playing on North American servers, jumping around the corner still provides him with an advantage that allows him to win the fight against his opponent.

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It doesn’t to be an issue that is specific to Warzone. Black Ops Cold War players have been gaining an advantage when utilising advanced movement mechanics to gain an advantage.

How To Gain The Advantage

In order to make the most of the issue mastering movement techniques such as slide-cancelling, being aggressive and jumping around corners are the best ways that will give you a split-second advantage over your intended target. Just be sure to hit the initial shots otherwise you might be heading to the gulag!

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