Warzone Voice Actor Responds To Sexism Claims

Call of Duty voice actor Jeff Leach has responded to accusations of sexism, after Activision confirmed it'll cut ties with Leach.

Following a video that was shared over the weekend appearing to show several snippets of sexist language from Leach, the publisher said “sexism has no place in our industry, our games or in society. Activision is no longer working with Jeff Leach. We strongly condemn these remarks. We are committed to delivering a fun and safe experience for all players.”

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Warzone Voice Actor Responds To Sexism Claims

The video, shared by content creator NitroLukeDX (otherwise known as Luke Pickering), has now drawn a response from Leach in a video of his own.

“I can’t wait to have this beautiful and majestic legal response go out from my lawyers to him,” Leach explained in a new video posted to Facebook.

“The more he’s edited and manipulated the footage, what happens there is he’s presenting an out-of-context assassination of someone’s character. That’s what he’s done. It’s embarrassing for him and all his little trolls. So I’m excited to speak to my lawyers and my Facebook partnerships manager and see what can be done about this."

Leach continued, “for females coming into my chat saying I’m disrespecting female gamers, on a day where I’m playing with three of the biggest female content creators on the platform is absolutely a NitroLukeDX fan and is here purely to try and troll.”

The original video from NitroLukeDX showed Leach referring to popular streamer ZombiUnicorn, who had declined to appear on the show in question due to prior issues with Leach.

ZombiUnicorn, real name Natalie Casanova, commented on the remarks made by Leach in the video.

“It’s frustrating to see companies posting about supporting women’s history month, or pride month, or black lives matter, then allowing creators and content like this on their platforms still. It’s not acceptable. People like Jeff Leach won’t change."

“Any time they’re held accountable for it, they try to deflect and come up with malicious lies to twist the story. Years ago, he was really horrible and I didn’t want to join that show with him and subject myself to being around him. He continued to make misogynistic comments about me and he was banned on Twitch and working with a lot of production companies."

“It’s not on us to have thicker skin, it’s on companies to take these reports seriously. We need to remove people like this. There’s no room for passes for white cis-gendered men anymore for being prejudice, hateful and malicious. And there’s a difference between that and trash-talking in a game. Enough is enough – stop giving people like him a platform.”

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