Warzone And Cold War Ground Fall Event: Everything You Need To Know

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The start of Season 4 for Black Ops Cold War and Warzone is right around the corner and before the action gets underway, Activision has unveiled the first details on a brand-new limited-time event arriving across both titles.

Season 3 saw an event that revolved around 80s action heroes but as satellites begin to fall on Verdansk, things are looking a little more serious than Rambo and John McClane running around Nakatomi Plaza.


Known as "Ground Fall," the latest LTM is another opportunity for players to earn a range of exclusive rewards by completing a variety of challenges across Cold War and Warzone.

In this article, find out absolutely everything you need to know about the Ground Fall event.

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Ground Fall Cold War And Warzone Event Start Date

According to the June 14th blog post published by Activision, the event begins on June 16th to kick off Season 4.

Ground Fall Event Challenges

Like previous events, there will be two sets of challenges. One for Black Ops Cold War and another for Warzone.


Find the full list of challenges to complete below

Cold War

  • In Cold War, earn 1000 Points from captured Uplink Stations in Fireteam Sat-Link.
  • In Cold War, get 250 eliminations in matches on Collateral, Collateral Strike, Hijacked or Amsterdam.
  • In Cold War, get 15 kills with the Hand Cannon Scorestreak.


  • In Warzone, secure 5 Uplink Stations.
  • In Warzone, eliminate 10 enemies while near an active Uplink Station or recently crashed Satellite.
  • In Warzone, collect 3 rewards from crashed Satellites


There will be exclusive rewards for completing challenges and an exclusive reward to earn once a set of challenges has been completed.


For the Ground Fall event, an Epic secondary weapon blueprint can be acquired.

Alongside the blueprint, there will be variety of rewards ranging from new Calling Cards, Emblems, Weapon Charms, and Stickers that can be earned.


The event will involve securing SAT-Links that have fallen across Verdansk.

Exact details on what the objectives entail haven't been revealed yet but be sure to check back once Season 4 begins for all the intel!