Warzone: New WW2 Map Coming in 2022

Warzone has been dominating the Battle Royale scene for the last year with awesome new gameplay updates and cosmetics. 

However, fans are now looking to a new map for some change in Warzone. Although we know of a new map coming shortly, we may see a WW2 themed map next year. 

Vanguard Map

The current rumours are suggesting the next COD title will be set during the World War 2 era (and will be called Call of Duty: Vanguard), similar to WWII and World at War.

Popular leaker @_Tom_Henderson_ on twitter has stated this WW2 themed map will laucnh in 2022, but may not be a full-fledged map like Verdansk. 

The map will more likely be the size of Rebirth Island whic would be a nice change of pace from the large scale of the current map.

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But what will happen to Verdansk when the new maps launch?


Tom Henderson has also said in the past that Verdansk will never return once a new map is added. There will be no seperate playlist or map voting, just a single map for all players.

This is likely to keep the file size of Warzone as low as possible, even though it is already above 100+ GB.

Release Date

There is currently no confirmed release date for this WW2 themed map, but we do know it'll release next year in 2022. 

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As the next map is releasing in April 2021, we can assume the next map may release in April 2022.

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