Fastest Way to Level up Guns in Warzone

Warzone Season 2 is well under way, and you may be wondering what's the best way to level your favourite weapons. 

If you don't have access to Black Ops Cold War it can sometimes be frustrating to level up your weapons. Don't worry, we've got you covered...

Supply Runs

One of the best and easiest ways to level your weapons in Warzone is through Supply Runs in Plunder.

You'll want to find a helicopter early in the match as this will help you navigate the map with speed. 

Every time you complete a supply run you'll get 500 XP and will be applied directly to the weapon you have equipped.

This method combined with the helicopter will let you get a few thousand XP every game.

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We also recommenmd bringing a trophy system to put on your helicopter. Although this won't protect you from gunfire, players won't be able shoot you down with explosives and missiles. 

Hot Drop and Kills 

This method is definitly for the higher skill players.

You're able to get a good amount of XP from taking out players and squads with speed.

Drop at a busy location like Superstore or Storage Town and start taking out as many players as possible.

You'll get 25 xp for an assist, 275 xp for a kill and 450 for a team wipe.

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If people are solo queueing (which some people do in Plunder) you can bag a lot of XP just from a single kill. 

Combine Methods

Jump into a lobby with a few friends and combine these methods for a crazy amount of XP!

At the start of the match, have one of your team grab a helicopter and start working through Supply Run contracts while the rest of your team hot drop and go for kills.

Have one of your team completing contracts in the helicopter while the rest hot drop and go for kills

You can switch up your roles every few games so your team members don't get bored.

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Also, make sure you equip a "Double XP Token" to again increase the amount of Experience you can get. 

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