Warzone: How To Find And Open The Verdansk Airport Bunker

A new Warzone bunker has appeared in Verdansk since the release of Cold War.

There's plenty of loot to grab inside.

As well as that you'll find a computer screen which looks pretty ominous.

Keep reading to find out more!

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Update: Verdansk Airport Bunker in Verdansk '84

With the launch of a brand-new map, all of the bunkers are currently locked, meaning the code below is how to open up the bunker that appeared in modern-day Verdansk.

It is unclear as to when the bunkers will be able to be unlocked but as soon as they are, be sure to check back for the latest information.

You can find out how to open the Airport bunker in modern-day Verdansk below.

How To Find And Open The Bunker

The bunker is pretty easy to find.

Head to the airport runway and you'll find a huge hole.

You can try using your parachute to land at the bottom.

When down there you should find a gas cylinder.

If you want to go further into the bunker you'll have to pick between a ladder in the control room or a floor-level door.

You'll be able to make your way through a series of rooms that come from previous Cold War bunkers in Warzone as well as some from the Cold War Campaign.

Go through the main door to arrive at the control panel mentioned earlier.

What's Inside?

The bunker is littered with blue supply crate, as well as at least one gold crate.

That control panel we mentioned is pretty interesting.

The screen shows a nuke in a large area, currently, we don't know its purpose.

Maybe it'll become a way to wipe out a portion of the map, in turn, the enemies too?

Aside from pure curiosity, the bunker is a great source of look so be sure to take a look.

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