Warzone Player Suggests Recent Update Buffed Vehicle Health

Warzone is no stranger to receiving regular updates in a bid to improve various elements of the battle royale. While some updates contain fixes to annoying bugs and glitches, others can have a significant influence on the ever-changing metagame.

With Season 2 about to reach the halfway point, it appears Raven Software is continuing to make plenty of changes to the game ahead of the next major content drop.

Rather than making changes to popular weapons, players are claiming that the developer has buffed vehicle health, making them much harder to destroy during a match.

Warzone Vehicle Health Buff
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Warzone Vehicle Health Buff

While there was no mention of changes to vehicle health in the patch notes, a Reddit post published by 'fletchthe2nd' claims that destroying a helicopter during a Warzone match requires more ammunition than before, suggesting a vehicle health buff has arrived.

Prior to the update, a single piece of C4 or one precise rocket from a launcher was enough to blow up a chopper but now it takes up to six rockets. It's not just helicopters affected by the increase in health. One commenter claims that it's impacted all of Warzone's vehicles. "I blew up two C4s on my car and it didn't do anything to it."

Will Warzone Vehicle Health Change?

It's unclear whether Raven Software adjusted vehicle health intentionally. Considering the developer accidentally buffed Vanguard's PPSH and Bren, there's a chance that this change could've been an accident.

It's clear players are unhappy with the change, so there is an opportunity for the developer to revert the change before the whole community becomes frustrated.

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