Warzone Players Demand Changes to Vanguard Attachments

The integration of Vanguard into Warzone continues to divide the opinions of fans.

The Pacific era of the battle royale continues to see new bugs and glitches impact players and with the launch of Season 3 right around the corner, players continue to share their frustrations on various elements of the game.

With a fresh batch of guns and weapons making its way to the game, the latest topic of debate sees players asking for Raven Software to remove the ability to equip ten attachments on Vanguard weapons in a bid to balance the game.

Warzone Vanguard Attachment Limit

Weapons from Black Ops Cold War and Modern Warfare allow players to select five attachments onto a weapon, forcing players to compromise. For Vanguard weapons, players can select a total of ten attachments for a single weapon. With such a contrast, players want Vanguard's system scrapped altogether.

Reddit user "Adananan" says players would prefer all Warzone weapons to have five attachments to "sacrifice attachments for others" in a bid to find the perfect balance.

Many were quick to comment on the possibility of five attachments becoming the standard on Warzone. "5 is the superior attachment system," says one user. "It's probably easier for the devs to balance" which is always a good thing in a battle royale.

On the other hand, having ten attachments to utilise makes certain guns much easier to handle but the idea of adding a limit of five across the board makes attachment selection a level playing field.

Although many would like the change to take place, it's unlikely an attachment limit for Vanguard weaponry will come into force. The next major change could happen with the launch of Warzone 2 which is set to launch in 2023.

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