Warzone Streamer Banned After Cheating In Twitch Rivals Tournament

Interest in competitive Warzone continues to grow, with a range of tournaments featuring huge amounts of prize money and the very best players in the world battling it out on the streets of Verdansk in a bid to be crowned champion. Streaming platform Twitch regularly hosts tournaments featuring the best European and North American Warzone talent, and on July 20th, it hosted another instalment of its Warzone Showdown series.

As always, the best of the best were competing for a shot at glory and despite vigorous checks to ensure a fair playing field, several players were quick to call out one particular streamer for cheating during the European tournament. The player accused of cheating is Czech streamer DavskaR, who is partnered on the platform.

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Warzone Streamer Banned

The issue took place during the opening matches of the custom lobby event when Quadrant streamer Fifakill alleged that DavskaR was using cheats to gain an unfair advantage over the opposition. Much to his annoyance, the tournament admins said that the match where Fifakill was eliminated at the hands of the cheater would not be restarted.

After the initial accusation, other players competing in the tournament also came forward with footage of the streamer allegedly using an aimbot to take down any approaching targets with ease. With one player on the top of the storage units, DavskaR immediately locks onto the player without missing a single bullet, raising the suspicions of eventual tournament winner LouiCM.

DavskaR Removed From Twitch Rivals

After several accusations began appearing, Twitch Rivals confirmed that the streamer had been removed from the event and an investigation into whether they were cheating during the tournament has been launched. Alongside being removed from the tournament, DavskaR's Twitch channel has also been taken down. Although the exact reason hasn't been specified, it's highly likely that the streamer has been banned as cheating is a breach of Twitch's terms of service.

Cheating in casual Warzone matches has become a huge problem in recent months despite Raven Software implementing a ban wave on July 16th. It's not exactly a good look when players are managing to cheat in high-profile events where plenty of checks have taken place to ensure competitive integrity is maintained either. Hopefully, this is a wake-up call for Raven Software and Activision to do more in the ongoing fight against cheaters.

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