Raven Software Bans Another 50,000 Accounts In July 16th Ban Wave

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Over the past few weeks, the ongoing battle between Activision, Raven Software and Warzone players that cheat looked to have taken its foot off the gas, with thousands of players running into cheaters on a daily basis. The problem got so bad, many top content creators stated that Verdansk was unplayable, much to their frustration. As calls for a dedicated anti-cheat grew louder once again, it appears that Raven Software has been busy after all.

The Warzone developer has confirmed that the first ban wave since May has taken place, dealing with a number of accounts that have been reported for cheating, much to the delight of the community that wants tougher action to be taken on what has become Warzone's biggest issue.


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Raven Software Bans Another 50,000 Accounts

As the frustration amongst the players continued, Raven Software unveiled that on the week beginning on July 12th, the developer had banned 50,000 accounts.


While the news is certainly a positive step forward to eradicate cheaters from the battle royale altogether, some were still not happy with the targeted effort to deal with repeat offenders.

Cheaters are ruining Warzone for everyone and it's getting to a point where players will go elsewhere to get their battle royale fix, which isn't ideal when there are a number of competitors around and ready to embrace the former Warzone players into their open arms. Until Activision and Raven Software implement a dedicated anti-cheat that can issue bans around the clock, this battle will be far from over.