TimTheTatman Quizzes Warzone Player Accused of Cheating

Image showing TimTheTatman holding head in front of Warzone background
Credit: TimTheTatman / Activision

Image showing TimTheTatman holding head in front of Warzone background
Credit: TimTheTatman / Activision

The battle between Activision and Warzone hackers continues to roll on as the start of Season 4 nears. Despite the best efforts of Ricochet anti-cheat that now includes a disarming feature, some hackers continue to slip through the net.

Nowadays, it's incredibly tricky to tell whether some players are using cheats or if they possess some incredible skills on Caldera. As attention turns to the launch of the Fortune's Keep map, content creator TimTheTatman found a player dominating the lobby during a recent stream.

Rather than accuse them of cheating without proof, the content creator decided to interview them in a bid to see whether they are legit.

TimTheTatman Questions Suspected Warzone Cheater

After watching them drop 22 eliminations over the course of a match, it's understandable to see why Tim was suspicious of his gameplay. As soon as the game finished, the content creator joins the player's lobby to begin questioning.

They waste no time in getting to the point. "Hey Guap, are you cheating man?" asks Tim. Guap, unaware Tim was watching his gameplay, immediately confirms their innocence and rather than leaving it at that, they ask what parts of their gameplay raise the suspicions of Tim.

Tim highlights a couple of moments where Guap enters a silent barn and checks every corner before finding a player on the top floor. "Did you see that kid on UAV beforehand?" questions Tim. "They were fighting before...I had marked it," replies Guap, satisfying the streamer's curiosity

Before the questions finished, other players gatecrashed the lobby bringing a premature end to the discussion.

Despite this Tim had all the information he needed before revealing he wasn't "getting that kid banned." "I think that was a legitimate player who happened to be very good at the game." he declares.

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