New Ricochet Feature Disarms Warzone Cheaters

Image showing Warzone players shooting each other
Credit: Activision

Image showing Warzone players shooting each other
Credit: Activision

Activision continues to do battle against those using cheats in Warzone matches.

As attention turns toward the launch of Season 4, the team behind Ricochet anti-cheat reveals over 180K bans for Call of Duty hackers which is great news for those looking forward to the launch of the Fortune's Keep map and an all-new Battle Pass.

As cheaters continue to frustrate legitimate players, Ricochet isn't stopping its fight as the Pacific era enters its final stages. In a recent blog post, the anti-cheat will introduce a feature that disarms any cheaters making them extremely easy to kill.

Ricochet Disarm Feature

The gun control measures are a great method of preventing anyone using aimbots from dealing unnatural levels of damage from any range.

In addition to the guns, Disarm even removes their fist leaving them vulnerable to any kind of damage. The video below demonstrates how Disarm will work during a match.

Ricochet says it doesn't "expect many clips of this to find their way online but we have seen it in action and the reactions from cheaters are always priceless."

The video is hugely promising for those claiming the number of cheaters is on the rise in recent months. In addition to its new innovations, Ricochet urges players to utilise the in-game player reporting feature to ensure levels of cheating remain low.

Disarm joins a cloaking feature that turns legitimate players invisible to the Warzone hacker, leaving them unable to use any kind of aimbot or wall hack to their advantage.

As the focus switches to the launch of Warzone 2, you'll be happy to know that Ricochet will arrive to the new game as soon as it launches meaning hackers are already on the back foot.

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