Symfuhny Shows How Warzone Glitches Are Ruining The Game

The shabby state of Warzone after the Caldera update was highlighted once again in Symfuhny's recent stream where he encountered a nasty visual bug. This bug interfered with the sight by adding glitched structures in the player's vicinity.

That's not all, there was another visual bug that increased the brightness for certain blocks and structures on the map. This created a blinding effect where Symfuhny couldn't see parts of the screen properly.

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Symfuhny Encounters Recurrent Visual Bug In Warzone Caldera

Have you ever jumped into a video game to find random structures floating in the air all around the map? Well, popular Warzone streamer Symfuhny faced this problem recently and it completely ruined his experience.

It started when Symfuhny started experiencing weird visuals towards the edge of his field of view. This gradually multiplied and started covering both left and right flanks of his visuals. While his chat argued that he is missing shots and whiffing, Symfuhny sarcastically said:

"I'm just missing, stop blaming the game! You want me to stop blaming the game, yeah? This totally isn't causing my whole game to bug out!"

Symfuhny intentionally moved his crosshair from left to right to show how the bug automatically adds visual structures in the periphery. While sliding across the bridge he encountered another bug that instantly started emitting a bright purple light.

The current state of Warzone is full of such bugs, and the community is eagerly looking forward to a massive update that will address these issues. While a majority of the community has migrated to Apex Legends, fans are hopeful that Warzone devs will start rolling out frequent updates from this week itself!

Below is the clip which features this visual bug in Warzone:

What do you think about the current state of Warzone and streamers leaving for Apex Legends? Do you feel the game needs a major update to fix these recurring bugs?

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