"Didn't Have To Make A Barbecue" - TrainWreck Throws Shade At NICKMERCS After Donating 1 Million In Subs

Renowned Twitch streamer Tyler "TrainWreck" Faraz Niknam recently donated around 1 million dollars to his chat. The age-old banter between TrainWreck and NICKMERCS took a new turn as Train went on to air some of his thoughts on stream during the giveaway.

TrainWreck garnered over 21,000 new subscribers on his recent stream where his sub count crossed 50,000 in a single day. There couldn't have been a better time for TrainWreck to take a subtle dig at NICKMERCS - and it seems he deep-fried this barbecue!

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All Aboard The Giveaway Ride - Next Stop TrainWreck Ape Gang Barbecue

Right after crossing the 50,000 sub mark, TrainWreck took a dig at NICKMERCS. He highlighted how there was no need for a grand barbecue to cross the 50,000 subscribers landmark. He said:

"Hey NICKMERCS, I didn't have to fu***** make a barbecue baby for the sub count...just kidding bro."

This achievement saw TrainWreck surpassing the likes of Adin Ross to take the ninth spot in the most popular Twitch streamers list. His stream peaked at around 70,000 viewers during the giveaway. At the same time, TrainWreck happily welcomed a record-breaking 48,000 new followers.

TrainWreck went ahead to donate huge sums of money to numerous pro players and streamers like FaZe Snip3down, NYSL Clayster, FreakaZoid. Despite being one of the most controversial Twitch streamers of all time, TrainWreck kept his word.

TrainWreck mentioned in a tweet that although he is down horrendously he promised to give away 1 million dollars I'd he hits 10 million. He took to stream as soon as that happened and started the giveaway.

Below is a clip of TrainWreck roasting NICKMERCS

Do you think TrainWreck and NICKMERCS have the best modern day streamer rivalry on Twitch? Would you agree that TrainWreck is one of the most benevolent streamers of all time?

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