Is Symfuhny Cheating in This Viral Warzone Clip?

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A recent Warzone clip from Mason 'Symfuhny' Lanier went viral after fans spotted a few moments of questionable gameplay. What fans assumed to be hacking in plain sight can readily turn out to be the hard work and impeccable game sense of a veteran streamer.

Perhaps the most confusing moment in the clip is when Symfuhny quickly flicks to his right to wall bang and prefire at a player hiding in a building. This form of situational awareness from the streamer is possibly due to playing the game more than anyone else—or is it?

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Viral Warzone clip confounds fans about Symfuhny's skills

Hackusations in Warzone is nothing new, and an experienced veteran like Symfuhny is quite used to it. He was called out numerous times before for cheating and using aim-hacks in the game, but none of it was ever proven. However, this recent clip has captivated the community with its bewitching aim accuracy and positional perception.

The fight takes at the Caldera terminal, where we see Symfuhny beaming an enemy squad at the entry of the warehouse. He uses the boxes and truck for cover to peek around and knock down two enemies rotating opposite to him.

Below is the Warzone clip in question:

It's hard not to wonder what happened in this clip, but I'll do my best to explain:

Symfuhny's crosshair makes a swift 90-degree shift from targetting enemies in front to pre-firing towards his right flank. To understand this better, we recommend you pause the clip at the 0:10 seconds mark and rewatch it a few times from the start. The swift flick can be explained by hours of aim training, but how did he know the exact location of the enemy on his right flank?


As always, the community will have divided opinions about this Warzone clip. While some see it as blatant cheating, others applaud Symfuhny for his impeccable aiming skills.

Do you think Symfuhny is using aim-hacks in this Warzone clip? What do you infer from this clip about situational awareness and map knowledge?

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