“This Is Mind Blowing” - JGOD & Other Players Furious Warzone Devs Hid REAL Caldera

You're thinking, no way, we're playing Warzone Pacific, right? As it turns out, there is more to the recent news that there is a difference between a private and public game than meets the eye. There are two different builds in the game, each with different stats for weapons, feel, and responsiveness. Two different Metas.

No one knew they did that.

In the industry, developers always send out one build and update it—It's called the "gold standard." Activision sent out two builds, something I'd never heard of before, proving to be very different. These two do not play the same way because there are huge differences in the stats. The worst part is that we have no idea which of the Calderas is the "real" one.

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Two different Warzones

In a public lobby, weapons will have different stats than in a private lobby, meaning you can practice with a weapon, and it won't behave the same in another lobby. You are not responsible for that, the developers did that deliberately, and no one knows why.

TrueGameData revealed this, but James 'JGOD' Godoy provided a real chart showing how much just two weapons changed between lobbying sessions. The differences are, as he puts it, "mind blowing."

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We would all feel much better if Activision announced that they had made actual changes to each lobby. Thus, pros could practice in the lobby where they would play tournaments. This doesn't make it okay, because it's still crazy to have two builds, but at least there's transparency.

Transparency is all we ask for.

Below is a video explaining the changes and what it means:

How do you feel about this? Do you think it's odd we don't know which Caldera was meant to be the golden one, or did developers just want to make the game more replayable?

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