Private Warzone Pacific Matches Feature Different Weapon Stats

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Towards the end of the Verdansk era of Warzone, several competitive tournaments started to use custom matches to allow the very best players to battle it out against each other. With Season 1 of Warzone Pacific in its early stages, many competitive players are itching to drop into Caldera for some high-stakes action.

While many have been exploring the new points of interest (POI), a recent discovery has revealed that private and public matches are different builds of the battle royale, meaning custom lobbies feature different weapon statistics and will perform differently during a match. With thousands of dollars often on the line, the situation is far from ideal.

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Warzone Private Match Weapon Stats

Warzone Pacific Private Match Different Weapon Stats
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Having the ability to practise using the same settings being used for competitive play is hugely important when competing for huge amounts of prize money. Warzone players need to be quick to find which weapons are considered the meta alongside mastering any new mechanics that could give them the upper hand. The news of different weapon stats in private matches comes from Call of Duty stats expert @TrueGameData, who is "100%" sure of the differences.

Several players were quick to express their frustrations on the matter, including Warzone expert JGOD who stated that it would take at least "45 minutes" for Raven Software to have the same weapon stats in public and private matches.

Will Warzone Private Match Weapon Stats Change?

Considering the significant changes different weapon stats could have on the private match meta, it's more than likely Raven Software will resolve the disparity in the not too distant future, especially when plenty of tournaments are expected to take place in the coming months.

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