Swagg Challenged The #1 Player In Warzone To A 1v1

Streamers and pros are some of the best in Warzone. However, there is someone who has the most wins and the best K/D ratio in the game. We know him as Jacob' OPMarked' Hernandez, and he doesn't fail to prove his worth.

Kris' Swag' Lamberson decided that he would see how good the best player was. He challenged the champion to a 1v1 in the middle of a Free For All. The video is below, and to be honest, Swagg is really good.

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Best Warzone Player

Swagg took on OP Marked, the best player in Warzone. Swagg points out how obvious it is that the nine who are ranked higher are hacking. He doesn't really need to point it out because it's pretty evident that they're hacking.

Still, it's sad that the cheating situation is so bad that anyone can look and see the proof in the numbers.

Onto the video, which starts at 2:56

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Even though Swagg won the 1v1, it wasn't a match as most people would expect. Pros often compete in games in which they are trying to reach as many kills as they can. Swagg lets it all out near the end.

It doesn't seem like OPMarked cared or even tried. He seemed more concerned with the shoutout than anything else. I look forward to seeing a much more intense rematch in the future.

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