JGOD Proves Some Warzone Kill Cams Are Unreliable When Trying To Catch Hackers

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Players often say, "hacker!" when they die in Warzone. It is absurd to think a player could be better or outgun you. Killcams usually reveal the truth about whether someone cheated or not--or do they?

In a recent video, James AKA JGOD exposed the glitches in Warzone kill cams. Using a real tournament kill cam and the shooter's point of view, he showed how the game glitches from time to time. As a result, there's no surefire way to tell if someone is hacking in Warzone, even if you watch them kill you.


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Warzone Kill Cams

A player like JGOD dives deeply into the meta, numbers, and details of Call of Duty to find the truth. It turned out that Warzone kill cams weren't as reliable as everyone had hoped. To prove his point, JGOD uses a kill cam and then the perspective of the shooter.

Props to Dexerto for finding the tweets.


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In the killcam, you can see the sight is slightly to the right and not on DrDisrespect. Nevertheless, from the player's point of view, Doc is perfectly aimed, and it's a clean kill. I find it a bit absurd that even in a tournament, Warzone couldn't record the kill.

Cheaters are the only reason players are looking at their kill cams so much. Warzone has an anti-cheat system (it's true), but it's so weak that it hasn't deterred many people from cheating. Recordings sent to Activision by players stop hackers, but what do we do if we can't rely on the recordings?


Hopefully, Vanguard comes with a solution.