Warzone Players Share Their Strangest Deaths

While the main objective of a Warzone match is to become the last player standing, outlasting over a hundred opponents is an extremely tricky task.

Although attention is turning to major changes reportedly arriving in Warzone 2, there's still plenty of action taking place during Season 3. As players continue to drop into Caldera and attempt to avoid an infuriating Gulag glitch, many members of the community are taking a trip down memory lane.

Instead of sharing clips of their best plays, players are revealing strange ways their matches have come to an end.

Warzone Players Share Strange Deaths

Curious to see the strange and silly ways players end up in the Gulag or back on the main menu, Reddit user 'purplepenguin67' kicked things off with their series of unfortunate events. "I came in second once because in the final gunfight I ran past a ladder, the ladder grabbed me and I was stuck in a climb."

Players were quick to reveal the unusual ways their matches concluded. One commenter managed to finish second in a match after forgetting to pull the parachute after downing their final opponent while another one found themselves stuck between a cliff and a tree, preventing them from moving.

The most common cause of death involves players breaking their legs by landing awkwardly or by mistiming the all-important parachute pull. It's a simple mistake to make but it can easily cost you a trip to the victory screen.

Sometimes the simplest of mistakes are the most costly, especially when it's the difference between first and second place.

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