Warzone Gulag Glitch Prevents Winners Returning to Action

The Gulag is one feature that separates Warzone from other battle royale titles. The last-chance saloon provides players with another opportunity to drop back into the action if they're able to win a one-versus-one duel against another player.

Throughout Season 3, players are experiencing various issues involving the Gulag. One problem causes Gulag winners to respawn outside of the map boundary which gives them no time to land back into the action.

It appears players have found another Gulag glitch affecting winners. This time around, players get no chance to respawn and are sent back to the main menu.

Warzone Gulag Winners Sent Back To Main Menu

Scoring a win in the Warzone Gulag isn't an easy task and even if you do manage to achieve victory, this new issue means there's no guarantee of making it back into the action which is far from ideal.

Reddit user 'I_AM_THE_SEB,' shares a clip of the glitch in action and rather than falling through the sky after winning the Gulag, they're greeted with the end-of-lobby screen and their final placement.

The player jokes that this particular bug is an updated version of the existing issue that causes players to spawn outside of the map. With two known Gulag issues impacting players, there's a high chance of players not returning to action as intended.

As of writing (May 18), it's unclear if Raven Software is aware of the Gulag glitches ruining the experience for players. Considering the Season 3 Reloaded update is on the horizon, players may need to wait a few weeks until the Gulag functions properly.

In the meantime, we recommend avoiding elimination and becoming the last player standing!

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