Warzone Glitch Renders Stims Useless

Image showing Warzone Stim standing on table
Credit: Activision

Image showing Warzone Stim standing on table
Credit: Activision

The Stim is one of the very best pieces of equipment to use in Warzone. The ability to instantly regenerate health and earn a temporary speed boost in order to duck and dive out of any potential danger.

With Season 4 Reloaded on the horizon, Stims remain an integral part of the best Warzone loadouts alongside the Season 4 meta guns and weapons.

However, players are encountering a strange glitch that is stopping players from receiving the health boost. The glitch means Stims are currently useless which is hugely frustrating for those wanting to gain the upper hand during matches.

Warzone Stims Are Useless

Stims come into their own if you find yourself needing an instant boost of health during the heat of battle. The equipment can make all the difference needed to win a gunfight.

During a recent match, Reddit user 'soulr3k' decides to call upon a Stim for an advantage against an opponent that's on the verge of scoring the kill. Much to their confusion, they use the Stim but don't receive the additional health.

The player takes to the comments as to why they didn't receive the speed boost. One user believes the glitch boils down to Raven Software nerfing the speed boost in a recent update. Instead of cancelling the speed boost, Stims now cancel the healing.

"When you have the speed boost all a stim does is refresh the speed boost for some reason."

It's unclear if the Warzone developer is aware of yet another Stim glitch ruining matches. Considering the severity of the issue, there's a high chance of a fix appearing in the not too distant future. If not, it's best switching to a Flash or Stun Grenade until the problem is addressed.

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