Warzone Players Discuss "Stale" State of Game

Image showing Warzone players walking on beach
Credit: Activision

For many, the Pacific era of Warzone has missed the mark in comparison to the Verdansk era of the battle royale. The launch of the new map alongside the integration of the Vanguard weapon arsenal continues to transform the Season 4 meta as attention turns to Season 4 Reloaded.

The dominance of the NZ-41 assault rifle is frustrating several players dropping into the action. The lack of weapon variety means it's incredibly difficult to score a high number of kills with anything other than the best Warzone guns.

With the mid-season update approaching, players are discussing the stale state of the battle royale.

Players Say Warzone is Stale

Despite the addition of Fortune's Keep as an alternative to Caldera, players aren't enjoying the current iteration of the battle royale. Reddit user "koranfighter" asks why so many are finding Warzone boring despite the regular batches of new content.

The vast majority of comments blame the meta for taking the enjoyment out of the battle royale.

"I'm soo bored of the NZ," says one user. "We have all these guns in the game but only a couple are really good," which defeats the idea of having such a large arsenal of weapons to choose from.

While some blame the meta, others say the Pacific era lacks the "fun factor" that Verdansk players desperately miss. Notable mentions also include the lack of a ranked playlist but if recent leaks are anything to go by, a ranked mode could feature before the launch of Warzone 2.

As Raven Software continues to adjust Warzone with regular updates, another dose of buffs and nerfs to create some kind of weapon variety could inject a breath of fresh air into the final stages of Caldera.

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