Warzone Pacific: Raven Software Releases Secret Change to Perk

Season 1 Reloaded for Warzone Pacific is finally underway and as players continue to drop into Caldera, Raven Software has implemented a variety of bug fixes in order to ensure the community receives a smooth gameplay experience.

Along with the addition of the Welgun SMG and the arrival of Isabella, eagle-eyed players have spotted a silent change to one of the Perks that was not mentioned within the patch notes of the mid-season update. Due to the somewhat stale Perk meta within the battle royale, some players may not have even noticed the change that has been made.

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Warzone Spotter Perk Name Change

Warzone Pacific Spotter Perk Name Change
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The change was spotted by Reddit user 'Cream-Shpee' who managed to notice that Spotter has been renamed to Engineer but the change went undetected due to the player claiming that "the Perks meta is so stale."

The newly-named Engineer Perk isn't a Per that features regularly due to the dominance of Amped and Combat Scout in the Perk 3 slot. A name change isn't the most significant of changes but the fact hardly any player noticed is rather amusing. Due to the current usability of most Warzone Perks, one commenter claimed that "you could remove 70% of the Perks and nobody would notice," which is probably correct.

Why Has Spotter Been Renamed?

It's unclear as to why Raven Software has opted to change the name of Spotter to Engineer, especially when the Perk still has the same functions. This small change could pave the way for further changes to Warzone's Perks in a bid to shake up the existing meta but the developer has bigger issues to fix before turning its attention to tweaking Perks.

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