Warzone Glitch Makes Snoop Dogg's Head Disappear

As Season 3 of Warzone nears the launch of the Season 3 Reloaded update, players continue to encounter bugs and glitches much to their annoyance. Glitches throughout the season include the return of the demon gun glitch alongside a Gulag bug that prevents players from redeploying.

Scoring a headshot over the course of a match is extremely satisfying and often takes plenty of precision in order to land the shots in the right place.

For some players dropping onto Caldera and Rebirth Island, it's impossible to score a headshot thanks to a new glitch that causes the head of the Snoop Dogg Operator to disappear.

Snoop Dogg's Head Disappears in Warzone

During a Rebirth Island match, Reddit user 'ritorhymes' manages to highlight the issue with a well-timed video clip. In a close-quarters engagement with a player using the Snoop Dogg skin, they switch to the Top Break pistol causing the Operator's head to vanish.

Others were quick to comment on this amusing, yet inconvenient, glitch. One user jokes "no one can headshot you if you don't have a head," and they're right. Another says "Snoop Dogg's head was actually contracted for a T-Mobile commercial during this time," jokingly explaining the disappearance of the rapper's head.

It's clear that the glitch gives players a huge advantage over their opposition so it's highly likely Raven Software is already working on a fix in order to restore the head of the D-O-double-G.

A fix for the disappearing head should appear with the next Warzone update expected to arrive with the launch of Season 3 Reloaded. Until then, it's best not to use Snoop Dogg and select another Operator before jumping into the action.

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