Raven Software Fixes Sniper Rifles Following Stealth Nerf

The most exciting and anticipated part of any Warzone update is always the buffs and nerfs of certain weapons. This time around, sniper mains in Call of Duty's battle royale (BR) felt that their favourite type of gun was hit by a ‘stealth nerf’ with some players claiming that the weapons were no longer one-shotting enemies - even with a headshot.

To make matters worse, the update also officially increased the overall health for the BR mode from 100 to 150. This increase means that sniper rifles will now deliver a lower damage output across the board. In addition, players using Vanguard sniper rifles will now receive aim-assist when scoped while using a controller - much to the annoyance of those using a keyboard and mouse!

Luckily, it seems Raven Software was quick to identify the issue with sniper damage and has since pushed a minor update to help rectify it. While this may seem to have balanced things out, sniping in Season Two Reloaded has still changed drastically when compared to before the update.

Warzone Sniper Stealth Nerf
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Warzone Sniper Rifle Stealth Nerf

While the new update brings a whole host of improvements, the community is still divided. Over on Reddit, 'TheImprezaGod' claims that snipers are “literal pea-shooters now", and argues that while "no changes were listed in the patch notes” the effects of a nerf remained.

On the other hand, 'JeeringDragon and 'JawsOme' called the change “the best part of the update!” and argued that in nerfing sniper rifles “fun was buffed".

Will Warzone Snipers Get Better?

Due to the increase in base health, there's every chance further adjustments to sniper rifle performance arrive at a later date. For the time being, it appears the most recent changes have done enough to restore some kind of balance.

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