When Do the Warzone Servers Go Offline?

With Season 1 of Warzone Pacific right around the corner, Raven Software has made the decision to switch off the servers as the battle royale transitions from Verdansk to the Pacific Island of Caldera. While this will stop players from dropping into the action for a brief period of time, it will allow the developers to ensure Vanguard integration and the launch of a brand-new era goes smoothly.

Alongside the new map, a range of new guns and Operators will be arriving to Warzone and Vanguard along with a variety of new vehicles to navigate Caldera as fast as possible. With that said, when are the Warzone servers going offline?

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When Do Warzone Servers Go Offline?

Warzone Server Downtime
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The Warzone servers will be offline from December 8th at 5AM GMT until December 9th at 5AM GMT, with the launch of Season 1 taking place at 5PM GMT. It's understandable as it will allow Raven Software to iron out any issues before switching the servers back on with millions of players wanting to drop into Caldera and explore everything the new map has to offer. Thankfully, this downtime is planned which means everyone will be aware of it before attempting to play a game.

Warzone Pacific Season 1 Content

Just like the start of any Call of Duty season, there's a wealth of content for players to get stuck into, especially Season 1 of Warzone Pacific. Alongside a brand-new map, guns, Operators, and game modes, there's a brand-new Battle Pass complete with 100 Tiers of content and various gameplay changes in order to create a new dynamic.

That's everything you need to know about Warzone's servers going offline. For more intel, check out the Season 1 roadmap to see everything that's arriving in the battle royale in the coming weeks.

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