New Warzone Glitch Is Allowing Players To See Through Walls

It's fair to say that Season 4of Warzone hasn't been the smoothest of sailing. Despite the best efforts of Raven Software, the battle royale has been overrun by cheaters using a range of software in order to get an unfair advantage over the opposition. Alongside the ongoing battle against the cheaters, there have been numerous bugs, exploits, and glitches that have negatively impacted the smooth gameplay experience many players have come to expect.

Whether it's players turning invisibleor being able to use an unlimited number of Trophy Systems, the community is beginning to grow tired of the issues. Just as it looks like no more problems could appear, a bizarre glitch enabling players to see straight through walls has emerged.

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See-through Walls In Warzone

Warzone Verdansk Airport Overview
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On the streets of Verdansk and Rebirth Island, there are many ways to contest a gunfight against the opposition. Whether it's a calculated pinch coming from all angles or an audacious ambush where numbers might not be against you, the last thing players expect is their opponent managing to predict their position when a building or a wall is providing excellent cover.

Reddit user 'js0uthh' showcased a graphical bug where various walls and buildings began to blink, revealing any opponents that were using them as cover.

With the ability to see through walls, the player begins to call out the locations of nearby enemies, giving them the perfect opportunity to score some easy eliminations. The issue is certainly annoying for those on the receiving end of this particularly infuriating graphical glitch.

When Will It Be Fixed?

The exact cause of the glitch is unknown but considering the severity of the issue, it's more than likely that Raven Software is aware of it and is working on some kind of fix. Until it has been applied, check that the game and your graphics card drivers are all up to date.

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