Bizarre Warzone Bug Provides Player With Unlimited Trophy Systems

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Despite the best efforts of Raven Software, new bugs, glitches, and exploits appear within Warzone on what feels like a daily basis, much to the annoyance of the community that expects the smoothest experience when dropping into Verdansk and Rebirth Island. This latest bug involves players managing to acquire unlimited Trophy Systems without having the Field Upgrade selected in their respective loadout.

With Season 4coming to a close and with the launch of Season 5 just around the corner, the bug is the latest in a long line of problems that the developer needs to address alongside the ongoing battle against cheaters. Here's everything we know about this bizarre issue.


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Warzone Trophy System Bug

Warzone Restock Perk

Upon closer inspection, the bug involves players that have equipped Restock as one of the three Perks in their loadouts. The Perk enables players to resupply their lethal and tactical equipment over 50 seconds, meaning you will never run out of grenades over the course of a match. During a match, Twitch streamer 'its_iron' suddenly realised that the game didn't give him access to some of the items within his pre-set loadout.


Rather than giving him a Claymore to place onto the ground, the game opted to throw a Trophy System, much to the streamer's confusion.

To make sure that the problem wasn't a fluke, its_iron waited 50 seconds for the equipment to recharge and to his surprise, another Trophy System was placed instead of a Claymore. What makes this bug even more bizarre is that the Trophy System isn't classified as a piece of lethal equipment within Warzone. It is in fact one of the many Field Upgrades that can be found as ground loot or inside supply crates.

An exact cause of the glitch is unknown but it's likely that Raven Software is fully aware of the issue and a fix for the problem will be applied in the not too distant future.