Second Warzone Pro Exposed for Hacking and Makes a List of Cheating Pros

Another hacker has been exposed for Call of Duty: Warzone pro. It comes from a French pro who had a few words to say before being ejected. He even points out that other lists are also true.

Below are the tweets.

More Call of Duty Cheaters: Vanguard Pro Exposed for Hacking in Tournament And Releases List of Other “Cheaters”

Warzone Pro cheating

The problem with smaller Warzone pros like these is that it's hard to take them seriously. We could believe it if a bigger pro were to be exposed and then provided a list. If ZLaner turned out to be a hacker and then produced a list, I would say that list is mainly true.

Whenever you get caught, just mess things up as much as you can and say, "Call of Duty is dead anyway." Here is his tweet.

After being translated by Google Translate, it reads:

"Yo @PieroCOD is chopping.
@Blaszyy exposed a few hackers in the stream
There's the hack list. COD is so dead"

And here's the tweet that he mentions from Blaszyy:

Just like with the last salty list, take this list with a grain of salt. That's probably not true, and it's shameful that this hacker would try and put someone else in a weird position just because he's no longer able to play.

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