Warzone Season 4: All Caldera Map Changes

Image showing Warzone operator running past police station
Credit: Activision

With Season 3 of Warzone coming to an end, all eyes are pointing toward the launch of Season 4. The upcoming season of post-launch content includes the arrival of the Fortune's Keep map, Butcher as one of three new Operators, and 100 tiers of content within the Season 4 Battle Pass.

Although most of the focus is on the new map, Raven Software continues to adjust the Pacific island of Caldera to improve the experience for players. With a point of interest (POI) from Verdansk returning, there are plenty of Warzone Caldera map changes

As the Pacific island undergoes a makeover, many are wondering how the changes will impact gameplay and if Caldera can ever become as popular as Verdansk. With that said, find all of the Caldera map changes appearing in Warzone Season 4 in this guide!

Warzone Season 4 Caldera Map Changes

In a June 15 tweet, Call of Duty reveals some of the changes making their way to the Pacific island. Updates include 50% less vegetation on Caldera, ensuring better visibility across the entire map.

In addition, the map will feature new "micro-POIs" that provide more looting opportunities. The new additions are circled in yellow.

Warzone Mercenary Vaults

In addition to changing the layout of Caldera, Season 4 will see the arrival of Mercenary Vaults. So far, there are no details on what the vaults contain and whether players need to unlock the doors.

Once we find more intel on what's within the vaults, we will update the guide with all there is to know.

What to Expect in Warzone Season 4

Alongside all of the Caldera map changes, the Twitter post teases there are "plenty more surprises" arriving over the course of Season 4. According to Raven Software, Fortune's Keep contains multiple Easter Eggs and many are wondering what will happen with Caldera. Are Warzone 2 teasers on the way? Is another in-game event taking place? Is Season 4 the beginning of the end for Caldera? We will have to wait and see.

That's all of the Caldera map changes appearing in Season 4 of Warzone. If more appear, we will update the guide with all you need to know before you drop into the action.

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