Raven Software Hints at "Multiple" Fortune's Keep Easter Eggs

Image of Warzone player shooting gun
Credit: Activision

Easter Eggs appear frequently within the Warzone world with players requiring to complete numerous steps to earn the rewards. Caldera and Rebirth Island various challenges to complete with a variety of exclusive weapon blueprints to earn.

With Season 4 of the battle royale on the horizon, the attention of players is turning to the launch of the brand-new Fortune's Keep map along with the Battle Pass containing 100 tiers of content.

As time ticks down, Raven Software creative director Ted Timmins is teasing the appearance of "multiple" Easter Eggs within the new map.

Warzone Teases Multiple Fortune's Keep Easter Eggs

Following the reveal of the new map likely replacing Rebirth Island, Timmins took to Twitter to answer a question surrounding "super difficult, highly rewarding" Easter Eggs for players to tackle.

The Raven Software creative director simply responds with a single-word answer, implying there is more than one Easter Egg to discover on the new map.

Following the reply, Timmins also tags High Moon Studios in another Tweet, suggesting the studio will work on the Easter Eggs for the new map which launches at the start of Season 4.

The launch of a new map suggests a change of pace for the Warzone storyline. Butcher first appeared on Caldera during World War II but with Fortune's Keep set in 1976, it's clear something has taken place for the character to arrive on a different island.

Image showing overview of Warzone Fortune's Keep map
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Credit: Activision

All we know is that there's a high chance of Fortune's Keep containing plenty of secrets. Once the map launches, we will share more on any Fortune's Keep Easter Eggs the community uncovers.

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