Leaker Uncovers Model For Unreleased Season 2 Gun

After a slight delay to address various issues impacting Vanguard multiplayer and Warzone, Season 2 is right around the corner. The upcoming season of post-launch content will feature a range of bug fixes alongside new Operators and new additions to the weapon arsenal.

Despite a lack of official information, numerous leaks and rumours surrounding the next major update have flown around the community, adding some much-needed excitement.

The latest leak has uncovered an unfinished model for an unreleased gun widely believed to be arriving in Season 2 and it's clear to see Sledgehammer Games is attempting to remain historically accurate.

Chauchat Call of Duty Vanguard Warzone Season 2
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Chauchat LMG Leaked

Notable leaker 'Real1tyUK' managed to uncover an unfinished model of the Chauchat LMG from within Vanguard's game files. The model only features half of the gun's unusual magazine and the rest of its long barrel is missing.

The Chauchat is likely to be one of two weapons that feature in the Season 2 Battle Pass. As always, leaks should be taken with a pinch of salt but considering this model was found within the game files, there's a high chance of it coming to fruition.

When Will The Chauchat Arrive in Warzone and Vanguard?

It's highly likely that the Chauchat will appear on February 14 as part of the Season 2 update. If a dose of weapon balancing arrives, it will be interesting to see where the LMG slots into the existing metagame. Will it surpass the Bren? We will have to wait and see.

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