Call of Duty Launches Scented Candle Range

Call of Duty Warzone Candles
Credit: Wick & Skull

Call of Duty Warzone Candles
Credit: Wick & Skull

The vast majority of video game franchises have their own range of unique merchandise for fans to purchase. Ranging from clothing to customised controllers, there's a huge variety of items to collect.

In comparison to other franchises, the popularity of Call of Duty merch rarely reaches the heights of its rivals. Since the launch of Warzone, more eyes are on the franchise than ever before.

As fans look for more unique ways to show their love of the battle royale, Call of Duty has partnered with a candle manufacturer to create a range of scented candles that smell like Caldera and the Gulag.

Warzone Scented Candles

Known for its eccentric creations, candlemaker Wick & Skull shares a collection based on Warzone and the iconic Nuketown multiplayer map from the Black Ops series. For multiplayer fans, the Nuketown candle contains hints of smoke, ginger, and citrus from the most recent iteration of the map set in 1984.

Call of Duty Candles
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Credit: Wick & Skull

Warzone fans get a taste of the fresh Pacific air with a candle featuring coconut, cedar, and sandalwood replicating Caldera's palm trees and beaches. For some darker tones, the "Second Chance" candle provides an aroma based on the first Caldera gulag set within a mineshaft.

Where To Buy Call of Duty Candles

You can purchase individual candles for $19.99 (£16.40) or a bundle containing all three for $56.99 (£46.70) so if you want your gaming setup to smell like Caldera or the Gulag, these are a must-buy.

The idea of candles smelling like Warzone and multiplayer maps is an interesting one but considering the number of players has dropped by 50 million over the last 12 months, new aromas aren't the best way to entice them back into the action. Nonetheless, I'm curious to see what the Gulag smells like.

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